Happy Desk Lunch! Tuna Avocado Bowls

If you’re like many Americans, you probably have a desk job, at which you sit 7-9 hours per day, and/or eat your lunch at said desk most of the time.

And sadly, I do it too. And sometimes it can get challenging to pack good meals. You have to plan ahead or you end up eating junk. You have to bring stuff you like, because, when you’ve had a rough day, awesome food is just more appealing than boring food. However, the inspiration to write a blog post about it didn’t come until I stumbled upon this tumblr, called “sad desk lunch”. It is basically a running photo blog of the meals people eat at their desk. Some don’t look too bad, but most to me look pretty, well, sad.

But don’t worry, I’m here to save you from the boredom! Continue reading Happy Desk Lunch! Tuna Avocado Bowls

GOBBLE GOBBLE! Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday

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Thanksgiving marks the first feast of the many you’ll eventually have during a typical holiday season. While Thanksgiving is a time to eat good food, celebrate family and cultural traditions, and enjoy being around loved ones, it can be those things without completely derailing the diet you’ve been crushing lately. Because, the holidays don’t have to be a 6 week hiatus from all healthy habits. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track AND enjoy delicious, tasty foods this holiday season. Continue reading GOBBLE GOBBLE! Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday

What Should I Eat Before a Workout??

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Deciding what to eat day to day can be challenging. Choosing the best thing to eat – a meal that will give you energy to perform without making you feel too full, sick, or hungry – prior to a workout or training session can be even more challenging. Every workout is different, so how you fuel for each one will be different too. You probably wouldn’t eat the same breakfast before a 2K test as you would before a 10 mile run. Read on for some basic pre-workout meal guidelines and some ideas for before a workout. Continue reading What Should I Eat Before a Workout??

Healthy Holidays: Green Beans with Toasted Almonds

It’s November! Which means the holidays are fast approaching. And often times it’s not just the individual occasion of Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas Eve festivities to worry about, because everyone can afford a cheat day here and there. It’s the stuff leading up to the holiday, like work pot lucks, holiday parties, and cookie baking.

So, to help you get through the holidays with fewer cheats and keep you wearing your skinny jeans into New Year’s eve, I’m starting a recipe thread for “healthy holidays”. Each recipe will be either low calorie, lower carbohydrate, or made with all natural ingredients.

My first “Healthy Holidays” recipe is a turkey day and Christmas favorite at my parents house. Since a lot of holiday spreads feature casseroles, pies, breads, and starchy vegetables, this dish kept a nice, green option on the table. And, its super easy and quick to make, so it doesn’t add much extra effort to your holiday prep! Continue reading Healthy Holidays: Green Beans with Toasted Almonds

Why Sometimes It’s OK to Cheat (On Your Diet)

I’ve always been a fan of “cheat days”. Not the “take a day to eat anything and everything just because you can” cheat day, but a day planned into your week that gives you the freedom to enjoy some of the foods you enjoyed before you went Paleo or started a new diet. I started really thinking more about the idea of “cheat days” a few months ago when a coworker asked me if I’d heard of the “Four Hour Body” by Tim Ferris (he also wrote the “Four Hours Work Week). Apparently, he encourages dieters to take one day and cheat to the extreme, eating as much “restricted food” as possible, almost to the point of sickness. His reasoning is that this will make that bad food unappealing all week and the bump in calories will keep your metabolism from slowing down due to calorie restriction. While I don’t (and probably never will) encourage anyone to go to that extreme, cheating – when done right – can be good for you both physically and mentally. This can be especially helpful around the holidays, which provide plenty of opportunities to “cheat”. Having a scheduled time or day allows you to plan accordingly, stick to your diet, and then really enjoy something delicious on your “day off. Continue reading Why Sometimes It’s OK to Cheat (On Your Diet)