7 Tips for Healthy Global Travel

Every year thousands of Americans travel domestically and around the world for a variety of reasons – work, education, family, or vacation. Whatever the reason, extended time in airports or train stations, on the road, in hotels, and away from your kitchen and gym, provides numerous challenges to staying on track with healthy eating and physical activity. But travel doesn’t have to be a lost cause. Follow these tips and you’ll return home with the same pants size you left with.

1.Be Prepared

Always be prepared with healthy snacks on hand. Stow easy to pack snacks like nuts, trail mix, jerky, durable fruit like apples, or snack bars (try to choose options with minimal ingredients and a some fat, protein, and fiber, which will make the snack feel more filling), to have in the airport, between work meetings or sightseeing, and for late night cravings. Pack more than you think you’ll need, as healthy snacks can be hard to find in hotels and airports. If you don’t want to travel with a lot of food, look for a local grocery store near where you’re traveling. Of course, enjoy the coffee available at numerous cafes. That is worth your money.


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