Breakfast of Champions – Paleo Eggs and Greens

Quick, easy, Paleo breakfast for the morning.


2 tsp coconut oil, olive oil, or bacon grease

1 cup greens (collards, kale, spinach)

1 cup chopped onions and peppers

4 eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

4 slices of bacon, fried or baked

1/2 avocado

Saute onions and peppers and greens in oil of choice 2-3 minutes or until soft.

Crack eggs over veggies. Cover and cook 1-2 minutes. Flip, and cook until eggs are done to your liking. Serve with bacon and avocado. You can also chop the bacon and add it with the eggs. This is a great, low carb breakfast option, and can be a great recovery/post workout breakfast – or a more moderate in carb option – if you just add some fruit.  And, of course, enjoy with coffee. Makes 2 Servings.

Nutrition Facts:  329 calories, 24 g fat, 10 g carbs, 17 g protein per serving.

And while you’re enjoying your delicious breakfast, here are some breakfast facts:

1. Only 44% of Americans eat breakfast every day

2. People who skip breakfast are more likely to crave carbohydrates later in the day

3. People who eat breakfast everyday are 34% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes

4. 22% of people who skip breakfast are obese

5. Children and students who eat breakfast tend to perform better in school and have better focus than their breakfast skipping peers.


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